Hippocampal Subfields Group webinar

I will be giving a talk at the Hippocampal Subfields Group webinar series on 26 May 2021.

The hippocampus constructs interval-scale sequence memories and generalizes temporal structure across sequences

The hippocampus constructs sequence memories that generalize temporal relations across sequences

Interval-scale sequence memories in the hippocampus generalize temporal structure across sequences

Cognitive maps for spatial and temporal memory

The hippocampal-entorhinal region forms cognitive maps of space and stimulus relations in general. In this talk, I will address how cognitive maps underlie human spatial and temporal memory. First, I will show that boundary geometry distorts spatial …

fMRI Brown Bag Meeting at Dartmouth Brain Imaging Center

Invited talk at Max Planck UCL Centre for Computational Psychiatry and Ageing Research

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Karriere in der Foschung [Careers in Research]

Spatial and temporal reference frames anchor cognitive maps for memory

The hippocampal-entorhinal region forms cognitive maps of learned relations. Environmental boundaries are central to spatial orientation. However, trapezoidal boundary geometry distorts the regular firing patterns of entorhinal grid cells that …

Distorted spatial memories in immersive VR

We form cognitive maps of the space around us to navigate and to remember where important events take place. In an immersive VR experiment, participants wore a head-mounted display and navigated different environments using a motion platform to learn …