Donderstown on the Open Science Framework

The virtual reality city that I built for my experiments is now available on the Open Science Framework!

I have recently uploaded Donderstown to the Open Science Framework (OSF). You can find it here. So far, two papers using this virtual environment are published (hopefully more to come!), which you can find here and here. Donderstown was built using the freely available Unreal Development Kit. You can download the files to run Donderstown on your computer from the OSF website.

If you use Donderstown, please cite it as: Bellmund, J. L. S., Deuker, L., & Doeller, C. F. (2018). Donderstown. Open Science Framework.

How to run Donderstown?

  • Install the Unreal Development Kit. During the installation make sure to select UT Sample Game Content as some of it is used in Donderstown. We recommend version 2013-07 since this is the version we used to build Donderstown, but later versions should also work.
  • Download the files from the OSF.
  • Move the map file (.udk) and the package files (.upk) into into the content folder (…\UDKGame\Content) and they should be automatically detected.
  • You should now be able to load Donderstown as one of the existing maps in the UDK editor. (See tips below for how to create a shortcut to the UDK editor). The first load might take a little longer.
  • Donderstown.udk is the map file which requires the .upk-packages holding the content that is placed in the map. Sorry about the naming of the packages and some of the content, but unfortunately renaming and moving content between packages is troublesome in UDK.


  • if you’ve never used UDK before it might be a good idea to have a look at some tutorials to get started, there are plenty available online
  • to create a shortcut to the Unreal Editor create a shortcut to your UDK.exe (find it in the binaries folder) and add ‘ editor’ to the target (without the quotes but with a space before editor).
  • to get started with UnrealScript to implement experiments check out the official documentation. Unfortunately, we cannot provide help with this.
  • there seem to be no more official downloads for UDK by Epic Games. But see the unreal forums (especially this thread)